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"Broken mirrors are pretty scary... but they're nothing compared to what lives under ladders. Seriously, you don't want to walk under there." What if all our silly superstitions...weren't so silly? Follow Anthony Wells and George Kingston as they try their best to avoid black cats, cracks in the sidewalk, broken mirrors, and all the things that hide in the dark.... Updates every Thurs/Friday. :)


Pages coming soon!

Sorry for the delay... Other projects have come up, and I'm running out of time. Since this is purely for fun, it's the first thing that gets put on hold... but don't worry. I love working on it so things should be back on schedule soon. I'd say two weeks at the most without a comic. But I do have a page halfway done, so I should be able to post that soon. For now, my pillow beckons! Goodnight, dears!

posted by Sharly @ November 19th, 2010, 11:56 pm  -  1 comments

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Just playing around with the site design. :) See? New image up there at the top. I'll probably just post any news/updates/page ramblings here from now on...

See you guys friday!

posted by Sharly @ October 18th, 2010, 12:25 am  -  1 comments

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